Monday, August 20, 2018

Já ERA!!!!!

Heyyy everyone!!! Sorry I've been so horrible about emailing lately! Buuuut if you want to know more you can ask me in person here in 9 DAYS!!!!! hahaha just a little trunky haha. 

Buuut these last few weeks have been incredible.... and super hard! Opposition in all things right? haha.  As of the work here, we're teaching a lot! Trying to find our friends! As of right now we have 3 people for baptism this week. A young man (19 years old) "JV" who is super super quiet, he barely talks to us but he seems to be understanding everything and he likes church a lot so that's good! He prays and reads the things we ask him to read and pray about. Super awesome! He's gone to church with us twice now and is just missing 2 lessons to be baptized! We'll teach them this week and have the baptism on Saturday!!! Woooo! 
Then we have a young woman (14years old) "R", who is super super eleita!!! She's perfect! She's a friend of a member and has such a huge desire to be baptized! It's super cute! 
Then we have another young man (13 years old) "L", who is also super eleito, but he struggles a lot because he thinks he's a huge failure to everyone. it's super sad that that's how he sees himself.. We're working a lot with him and his friend who have literally asked to be baptized! It's so cool to see that young men of 12-13 years of age have the desire to change and be better. He really understands the things we teach which is super super awesome!! 
Beyond this its a lot of friends of members or friends of our investigators. But we also do a lot of street contacting too! Which is much harder in my opinion, usually the people we meet in the streets don't want anything do to with us. or they just want to be friends and they don't want us to teach them. it's rough!  

I have been so blessed to be able to serve here and really love the people here! I know that without a doubt, that this is the Church of Christ that has been restored to the earth for us here in these Latter days! I know that Joseph Smith was called of God and that he really was a prophet of God! I am so so grateful for the chance I've had to serve as a servant of God here in Brazil! 

Love you all so much!
Sister Moss  


Monday, August 13, 2018

T - Minus 17 days

We had a few people at church with us which was good but I was really sad that 2 people we are teaching didn't go! Hopefully they go this week! They're husband and wife and are super, super awesome! the lessons we have with them are so spiritual, it's incredible! 

Love, love, love these quotes!!! (Thanks for sending them, Mom!)

Wow, I can't believe that in 2 short weeks I'll be heading home. It's crazy, I cant wrap my mind around it.
Not much more to say today.  Sister Castro and I are passing in Panatis to say goodbye to people today. This week we are going to be working hard. Lots of work to find people and baptize!

Have a good week.

Sister Moss

Monday, August 6, 2018

Só mais 3 Semanas Gente!!!!

Hey everyone!!! Yikes, I'm the worst, its been a while since I wrote to y'all. Hope all is well! So to update the last few weeks: 

So since the beginning of this transfer a lot has happened! Just a quick summary of it all, So the first week we were getting to know the area and the past investigators the Sisters had. Went really well, also we've been busy with the training of Sister Barlow. Man she's progressing so fast!! But the first week was basically just getting to know everyone and everything.

The second week we were blessed with a baptism of a man named Rodrigo. He is such a good guy. We were helping him to stop smoking so we tried something new. I don't know if you guys have heard of it but it was the first time i saw it, we made tea from a few cigarettes for him. Its supposed to be really nasty. I thought he was gonna die when he drank it, but he didn't (good thing, right?) haha! buuut he did get really sick. he threw up for about 10 mins straight. poor thing. when we were talking with him he told us that everything in him was burning. We explained to him that when he smokes it has the same effect, just its hidden. he stopped smoking and 2 Saturdays ago he was baptized! It was so cool! 

Then last week we worked a lot with some of the references we received, but didn't go to well. No one wants to hear from us. super sad.

And this week we worked a bunch!!!!! I got to do splits with the sisters in Alecrim because Sister Castro was sick. I worked for 2 days with Sister Vasquez, shes amazing! and we got so much done in just 2 days! we found a nice new area for them to work in when Sister Castro is all better. Hopefully it all works out! In our area we're working with a few friends of the members in our ward. They're super awesome but somehow they always find excuses not to be baptized.. its real rough but we're working our butts off to show them that this is exactly what they need. buuut it'll all work out I know it will!!

Beyond on this not much has happened. We're seeing little miracles everyday, and I'm really seeing the hand of God working with us!!! 

I'm dying. I'm so so tired. I know that if i didn't have the mantle that i do have I'd be sleeping right now and everyday. Only the power of the Holy Ghost and of God am I able to continue working as much as we are. its incredible. When we're walking i literally don't feel my feet anymore, I feel like I'm not even in control anymore. One of the biggest miracles haha! 

Love and miss you all! See y'all in 3 weeks!!!!!

Com Amor,
Síster Moss

Ei pessoal! Eita, eu sou o pior, faz algum tempo desde que eu escrevi para vocês. Espero que esteja tudo bem! Então, notícias das últimas semanas:

Então, desde o início dessa transferência, muitas coisas aconteceram! Apenas um breve resumo de tudo isso. Então, na primeira semana, estávamos conhecendo a área e os pesquisadores do passado que as Sisters tinham. Foi muito bem, também estivemos ocupados com o treinamento da Sister Barlow. Cara, ela está progredindo tão rápido !! Mas a primeira semana foi basicamente conhecer todos e tudo mais. 

Na segunda semana fomos abençoados com o batismo de um homem chamado Rodrigo. Ele é um cara tão bom. Nós o ajudamos a parar de fumar, então tentamos algo novo. Eu não sei se vocês já ouviram falar, mas foi a primeira vez que vi, fizemos chá de cigarro com ele. É pra ser muito desagradável. Eu pensei que ele ia morrer quando ele bebeu, mas não foi (boa coisa, né?) kkkk! Mas ele ficou muito doente. ele vomitou por cerca de 10 minutos seguidos. pobre. quando estávamos conversando com ele, ele nos disse que tudo nele estava queimando. Nós explicamos a ele que quando ele fuma tem o mesmo efeito, apenas o seu oculto. ele parou de fumar e 2 sábados atrás ele foi batizado! Foi tão legal!

então na semana passada nós trabalhamos muito com algumas das referências que recebemos, mas não foi tão bem. Ninguém quer ouvir de nós. super triste

e esta semana trabalhamos um monte !!!!! Eu fiz uma divisão com as Sisters de Alecrim porque a Sister Castro estava doente. Eu trabalhei por 2 dias com a Sister Vasquez, ela é incrível! e fizemos muito em apenas 2 dias! nós achamos uma área nova para elas trabalharem quando a Sister castro é melhor. Espero que tudo dê certo! Na nossa área, estamos trabalhando com alguns amigos dos membros da nossa ala. Eles são super incríveis, mas de alguma forma eles sempre encontram desculpas para não serem batizados ... é realmente difícil, mas estamos trabalhando para mostrar a eles que isso é exatamente o que eles precisam. maaaas tudo vai dar certo eu sei que vai !!

além disso, não aconteceu muita coisa. estamos vendo pequenos milagres todos os dias e estou realmente vendo a mão de Deus trabalhando conosco!

Estou morrendo. Estou tão cansada. Eu sei que se eu não tivesse o manto que eu tenho eu estaria dormindo agora e todos os dias. Somente o poder do Espírito Santo e de Deus sou capaz de continuar trabalhando tanto quanto nós. é incrível. Quando estamos caminhando eu literalmente não sinto mais meus pés, sinto que não estou mais no controle. Um dos maiores milagres haha!

Amo muito vocês e sinto muito saudades de todos! Vejo vocês em 3 semanas !!!!!

com muito amor,
Síster Moss


Monday, July 30, 2018

Workng so hard!

I cant believe I'll be home in 4 weeks! Its crazy!! I'm beyond excited to hug all of you but super sad to leave here... buuuut I think I'm a little bit more excited than sad so thats awesome!!

This week has been really really good!! we're working really really hard, probably more than i have my whole mission. Its insane. I know that the work I'm doing and the effort i'm putting in are not my efforts. but power and help from the Lord, if it were up to my carnal body and my carnal mind I'd be sleeping everyday until lunch and then a nap afterwards. I'm tired beyond compare. but somehow I seem to be able to get the work done! its incredible! 

Questions and answers... 

Do the members ever ask about your family? What do you tell them about your life at home?
Everyone asks about the family, I always show pictures and explain about the kiddos. They don't usually ask about life at home, generally, just about you guys. Which I guess counts as life at home! haha. But yeah. 
Do you dream in Portuguese?
Yes I dream in Portuguese haha and sometimes English too. Depends who is in my dreams I think.
Who are you teaching?
We're teaching a lot of people, and most of them are references now which in my experience works much much better!! (than knocking door and street contacting)
love you so so much!!! 
Sister Moss 

Monday, July 23, 2018

I kind of have a greenie!!!

This week was awesome! So Sister Barlow (Sister Ribeiro's greenie) got here this week straight from the CTM!! She's from Washington and is super super cute!! Love her so much already!! Sister Ribeiro is from São Carlos, São Paulo and is amazing too!!! love them so so much. I really feel like Sister Barlow is my daughter (greenie) too! We are always laughing it's insane! haha but really really awesome!

The area is huge!!! The ward seems really awesome! I don't know very many people yet but they all seem awesome! We have lots and lots of investigators right now! who are also super awesome haha! I don't have much time to explain more about them, but we're working on helping a few people get married and really just helping people feel more ready for this step. 

It was a really good week, Sister Barlow killed it this week. She speaks so well already!! She's a little shy but that's usually how it is when we start. It's weird, this week I've seen myself do so many things that I never thought I could do. It's amazing what a mission does to you haha! 

Sorry it's short today, keep those questions for next week and I'll answer them then.

love you so much!!! 5 weeks!!!!
Love, Sister Moss 

Monday, July 16, 2018


Well everyone, this is it! Last transfer!!! Last 6 weeks in the best mission in the whole universe!!! I'm beyond excited to return home and hug my family but my heart breaks at the thought of leaving my family here in Brazil, literally break my heart. I've loved this place and it has become my home here.

BUUUT I still have 6 more weeks of hard work! So to start off, I've been transferred from Panatis to the literal city of Natal! I will finish my mission, literally in Natal!!! WOOOOO!!!! As sad as I am to leave my family in Panatis, I am so so excited to work in Natal. My new companions are Sister Ribeiro and her daughter (her greenie). We don't even know who it is yet but it'll be awesome!!!! I'm super super excited!

For the last week in Panatis we had a ward party, which was awesome!!! and Tia Lourdes, who has been a "member" for 6 years and she finally decided to get baptized!! Yesterday was her 79th birthday, and we celebrated with her baptism!!! So so awesome guys! Cried my eyes out haha! It was incredible! Love love love her, and feel so privileged to have been there to share her sweet sweet day with her. It was an incredible way to end my 3 transfers there. 

Beyond this, not much has happened. I'll update more this week, lots of changes! 

Love you all so so much! 
Sister Moss 

Bem, todo mundo, é isso! Última transferência !!! Últimas 6 semanas na melhor missão em todo o universo !!! Estou muito animada para voltar para casa e abraçar minha família, mas meu coração se quebra com o pensamento de deixar minha família aqui no Brasil, literalmente partir meu coração. Eu amei este lugar e se tornou minha casa aqui.

Ainda tenho mais 6 semanas cheia de trabalho! Então, para começar, fui transferido do Panatis para a literal cidade de Natal! Eu terminarei minha missão, literalmente em Natal !!! WOOOOO !!!! Por mais triste que esteja em deixar minha família em Panatis, estou tão animada em trabalhar em Natal. Meus novos companheiros são a Sister Ribeiro e sua filha. Nós nem sabemos quem é ainda, mas vai ser incrível !!!! Estou super super animada!

Para a última semana em Panatis, tivemos festa Juninho que foi incrível !!! e Tia Lourdes, que tem sido um "membro seca" há 6 anos e ela finalmente decidiu ser batizada !! Ontem foi seu 79º aniversário, e comemoramos com o batismo dela !!! Foi incrível! Chorei chorei chorei! Foi incrível! A amo amo amo, sinto-se tão privilegiado por ter estado presente para compartilhar seu dia especial com ela. Foi uma maneira incrível de terminar minhas 3 transferências lá.

Além disso, não aconteceu muita coisa. Vou vos dar mais noticias semana que vem, muitas mudanças!

Amo todos vocês tanto!
Sister Moss
This is Elder Nielsen - his twin brother is serving in the same mission with Kadie, my twin sister!