Monday, October 16, 2017

We all Fall Down!!

So unfortunately I don't have a whole lot of time today, so I'll write in only English.

Não tenho muito tempo hoje, esta email é só inglês! Me-desculpe Brasileiras! Amo vocês!

But this week has been fantastic!! Lately we've had a really hard time meeting people but this week we met an eleita!!!! I don't remember the English word for this but she's perfect!! We were looking for her house, I think 2 days after we made first contact with her and my goodness guys, she lives basically at the end of the world!! It was nearly impossible to find her house! We were searching and searching and getting really discouraged that we couldn't find her, so we stopped and said a prayer. When we finished praying, the first person we asked for information asked if we had a place of reference or a name of the person. We told them the name of our eleita, J, and she replied "there's literally only one person that i know in this neighborhood with this name", she pointed out the house to us and left us to discover on our own if it was the right person. huge miracle because it was her house!!! 
It was pretty late so just noted where she lived and returned the following day. It was probably the best lesson ever!! I felt most comfortable and felt like the Spirit was really working through me! We taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and asked her to be baptized! She accepted!!! Then we tried to mark her for a date too, usually we just ask people to pray about it and then go back and mark a date, but this time we did both!! We asked her if she wanted to be baptized on the 22 or the 28 and told her that on these 2 dates we would have a reunião batismal. She asked what exactly a reunião batismal is, and when we told her that on which ever date she chose she would literally be baptized, I was really scared that at that point she would say no, but she didn't!! She accepted so quickly and chose a date!!! So we have a baptism coming up on the 28th!!! I'm super excited for her!!! we almost couldn't contain our joy for her!

Also this week was Friday the 13th and by the title you could probably guess what happened! Well I'll tell you the story! So sister Soares and I were walking home, and I don't know how it happened, i think my foot got caught in a crack on the sidewalk and i twisted my foot but I tripped and fell! Guys it was probably the funniest thing ever!!! We both couldn't stop laughing!! Haha seriously was too funny!! Luckily there weren't tons of people on the street at the time but the people that did see were laughing too! and one kid yelled as we were leaving "it's better to laugh at it than to cry!" haha so funny!!! Luckily I didn't hit my bad knee too bad, but now I have two bad knees haha! 
Speaking of knees, I'll be starting physical therapy this week with one of the other sisters! Should be good for me! Not super excited but I'd much rather go through therapy than return home to you guys early! Not that I don't love and miss you all with all my heart, but I don't want to leave here!! Oh that reminds me, I cant believe that I've already been out 7 months!!!! guys 7 months!!! That's almost half way done!!! Where is the time going???? 
Other than all this not much else happened, we had interviews with Presidente but for most of my interview we talked about my knee. He also thought that i had only 5 months here. To be honest I feel like that's all the time i have but no, i have 7 months!!!! 

Guys I want you all to know how much I love and miss all of you guys!!! I know that God is always looking out for us and helping and assisting in literally everything we do!! We watched a video yesterday in church and I want to leave a quote from the video with you guys.

Not word for word, but it was a video about Fathers. And in part of it, it compared our Fathers and parents in general on earth with our Heavenly Father. It said something along the lines that when we're kids we trust 100% in our parents. 100%! And it made the comparison that even though we're grown, we still need to trust in our Heavenly Father with 100% of everything we have. Because He is in charge of everything, and just like our parents on earth, He will take care of us and protect us with every fiber of His being!!

I love you guys so much!!!! Hope you all have a fantastic week!!

Sister Moss

Monday, October 9, 2017

Nova Transferência, Nova Companheira, Mesmo Areá!

Caraca boy! Então agora é uma nova transferência! #5! Eu ainda tó em Nova Parnamirim! Mas agora eu tenho uma nova companheira! Nome dela é Sister Soares!! E ela é MARAVILHOSA!!! Cara eu amo tanto ela! Ela tem 7 quases 8 meses na missão! Já aprendi muito com ela! Ela é de Rio Grande do Sul e ela é louco e além engraçada!! Rimos tanto cada dia! Esta transferência vai ser bom com força! Até agora já fizemos muito trabalho. Estou tão animado por essa transferência com ela. Em minha casa temos eu e Sister Soares e Sister Sutto e Sister Barney!! Cara gente, casa celestial!!! Tó muito feliz aqui!

Com transferências eu não tenho muito para falar pra vocês, mas eu vou prestar meu testemunho pra vocês.

Eu sei com todas as fibras do meu ser que esta igreja é a igreja de Cristo restaurou aqui na terra! Que Presidente Thomas S. Monson é um homem chamado por Deus, para nos guia nessas últimas dias! Eu opio ele, com todo o meu coração! Me sinto além do privilégio de ser uma representante do meu Salvador! Ele é todo para mim! Eu tó muito grata que ele sofreu para mim pessoalmente, e por todos nos pessoalmente! Eu sei que por causa de todo misericórdia de Deus que nossa fraquezas pode ser fortes, a gente só precisa perguntar! Eu sei que nossa arbítrio é um grande dom para nos, que Deus nos deu! Mesmo que às vezes pareça mais uma maldição do que um presente. Que quando nos usamos nossa arbítrio por nossa bem, realmente ele é um grande dom, e vai nos ajuda voltar na presença do Senhor! Eu tó muito feliz para ser uma missionária e assistir no obra do Senhor e ajudar com a coligação do Israel aqui na terra! Essa é obra dele, eu tó só um instrumento em mãos dele! Eu amo essa trabalho e eu amo muito meu Pai Celestial e meu Salvador! Essa igreja é única igreja verdadeira.

Eu amo muito vocês!!

Com amor,
Sister Moss


My goodness guys! so now its a new transfer! #5! I am still in Nova Parnamirim! But now I have a new companion! her name is Sister Soares !! And she is WONDERFUL !!! Dude, I love her so much! She has 7, almost 8 months on the mission! I've learned a lot from her! She's from Rio Grande do Sul and she's crazy and beyond funny !! We laugh so much every day! This transfer will be sooo good! So far we've done a lot of work. I'm so excited about this transfer with her. In my house we have myself and Sister Soares and Sister Sutto and Sister Barney !! Guys, this is the heavenly home !!! i am very happy here.

With transfers, I do not have much to tell you, but I'm going to bear you my testimony.

I know with all the fiber of my being that this church is the church of Christ restored here on earth! What President Thomas S. Monson is a man called by God to guide us in these last days! I oppress him, with all my heart! I feel beyond the privilege of being a representative of my Savior! He's all for me! I'm so grateful that he suffered for me personally, and for all of us personally! I know because of all of God's mercy that our weaknesses can be strong, we just need to ask! I know that our agency is a great gift to us, that God has given us! Even though it sometimes looks more like a curse than a present. That when we use our agency for our sake, truly it is a great gift, and it will help us to return in the presence of the Lord! I am very happy to be a missionary and to attend the work of the Lord and to help with the gathering of Israel here on earth! This is his work, I'm just an instrument in his hands! I love this work and I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior! This church is the only true church. 
I love you very much!! 
With love, Sister Moss

Questions and Answers...

How's the work? the work is good, we're working really hard with a couple of people that are so close to baptism! hopefully they take our challenges to pray seriously to know these things for themselves. 

How are your investigators? the biggest problem with our investigators is that they wont pray to know these things for themselves and they refuse to go to church.. but other than that they are so good!!  

How was church? church was super good! I feel really guilty that I didn't bear my testimony yesterday... all the sisters bore their testimonies except me.. I felt like i should have and just ignored it.. I don't know why. Ive never liked getting up to bear my testimony.. ughhh!! 

Your companion? she is AMAZING!!!! 

How's the area? the area is great! we're working with some great people and trying more to work within the apartment complexes now.  

The members? the members are amazing! it was actually kind of cool! I showed up to church yesterday and one of the members gave me hug and said she was so sad because she thought that I got transferred and didn't say goodbye. Haha she really likes me I guess!  

Where are you reading in the scriptures now? Right now I am reading in Alma, about Alma and Amulek preaching to the Lamanites! Its so cool to see the willingness Amulek had to accept Alma into his house and to go out and preach with him!  

What's your most favorite thing you read this last week? exactly what I just said about Amulek haha! 

Which songs are your favorites and help you get through the days? I don't listen to a whole lot of music like Kade does, but I really just love the hymns! and of course I'll find you my friend! 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Conferência Geral!!!

For English keep reading! 

Pronto! Então antes que eu falo sobre conferência, eu quero compartilhar sobre esta semana! Primeiramente, esta semana foi última semana desta transferência. Eu achei que vai ser bom, vai ser tranquilo. Algo interessante, Presidente ligou e mandou um divisão! Última semana e a gente tem um divisão, foi muito estranha. Mas, divisão foi bom. Sister Da Rosa e eu trabalhamos muito! E a gente fez muitos novos e contatos pra a próximo transferência. Foi bom!

Beleza, então conferência foi tão muito boa!! Eu senti que todos os apóstolos foram falando comigo e só eu! Eu aprendi muito de conferência, e uma bênção, eu assisti em inglês com Sister Phipps e Elder Bradford. Algos de meu discursos preferidos foi de pessoas dos setenta. Eu gosto muito que eles focaram no coisas e simples que nos precisamos para crescer perto de Deus, sentir influência Dele em nossa vidas e seja aperfeiçoado em Cristo. Por exemplo, leia O Livro de Mórmon diariamente, e não só leia mas estuda, pondera e ora sobre essas coisas que nós estudamos. Deixa as coisas do mundo e foca mais nas coisas de Deus e nossa progressão espiritual. As vezes nós sentimos sozinho em nossa vida e durante nossa dificuldades mas por meio do Expiação de Cristo nós podemos superar nossa problemas, pecados e dificuldades. A Expiação de Cristo é infinita! E e ultrapassa todos os limites. 

Eu amo conferência geral e eu tó muito feliz para ouvir as palavras de nossa profeta e apóstolos vivos! Eu sei que eles são chamou por Deus, para nos guia em esses últimas dias! Eu tó muito feliz que eles são inspirados por Deus com essas coisas para nos ajuda preparar para encontrar Deus e ajudar nossa irmãos e irmãs fazem a mesmo coisa. Eu sei que esta é a igreja de Cristo e que Joseph Smith restaurou esta igreja aqui na terra. Jesus Cristo é nossa Salvador e ele tá sempre conosco em todos as situações. Ele sofreu por cada um de nos e ele nos conhece melhor que qualquer outra pessoa. Ele nos ama para sempre! 

Amo vocês com todo meu coração!!

Sister Moss


Alrighty! So before I talk about conference, I want to share about this week! Firstly, this week was the last week of this transfer. I thought it would be good, it'll be quiet. Something interesting, President called and sent a division! Last week and we have a division, it was very strange. But, division was good. Sister Da Rosa and I work hard! And we made a lot of new ones and contacts for the next transfer. Was good!

Conference time!!! Conference was so very good !! I felt that all the apostles were talking to me and just me! I learned a lot from conference, and a blessing, I watched in English with Sister Phipps and Elder Bradford. Some of my favorite speeches were from the Seventies. John C. Pingree Jr, W. Craig Zwick and Stephen W. Owen just to name a few! I really like that they have focused on the simple things we need to grow close to God, to feel His influence in our lives and to be perfected in Christ. For example, read The Book of Mormon daily, and not only read but study, ponder, and pray about these things that we have studied. Leave the things of the world and focus more on the things of God and our spiritual progression. Sometimes we feel alone in our life and during our difficulties but through the Atonement of Christ we can overcome our problems, sins and difficulties. The Atonement of Christ is infinite! And it goes beyond all limits.

I love general conference and I'm so happy to hear the words of our living prophet and apostles! I know they are called by God, to guide us in these last days! I'm very happy that they are inspired by God with these things to help us prepare to meet God and help our brothers and sisters do the same thing. I know this is the church of Christ and that Joseph Smith restored this church here on earth. Jesus Christ is our Savior and he is always with us in all situations. He suffered for each of us and he knows us better than anyone else. He loves us forever!

I love you with all my heart !!

Sister Moss

Questions and Answers 

How's the work? Work is a little slow, it's been really hard this transfer. 

The language? The language is much much easier, more normal and casual. Sometimes I still have a hard time understanding but its still getting better! 

What are your thoughts and feelings about your mission and the things you've learned so far? I am beyond thankful for my mission and know with every fiber of my being that this is the work of the Lord. That without Him and His help, I would literally just be a tourist here. 

Any special music help get you through this week? I really like listening to hymns

Sister Moss's letter home to Dad

Aww daddy so cool!! Please keep my updated on your missionary work too! Work here has been really hard, no one wants to hear from us and when we find someone who does, my companion is not in the mood to work. It's been a really hard transfer, I'm hoping my next companion can help me find those people that maybe I missed this transfer.. Aww yay, I knew everything would go well with the new kiddos! Did you guys take pictures? I want to see my family! Sounds like so much fun!! I want to go to the aquarium with them all when I get home, ok? thanks! Haha everyone I tell that I have 4 new siblings thinks I'm joking and asks how that's even possible. Haha! It's crazy to think that there are 10 of us, but it seems so natural to tell people that there are 10 kids in the family. I know for a fact that this was always the plan, and I'm so happy that you and mom followed the spirit at just the right times to still have the opportunity recieve the rest of our family! 


Monday, September 25, 2017

Conferência e Um Castelo!

Okay, so I heard the translation wasn't super great for y'all back home! So I'm going to try something new. English AND Portuguese!!! Wish me luck!

O português está no final, continue lendo!

But this past week, we had Zone conference! I learned so much! We focused a lot on how important the Book of Mormon is in the conversion of our investigators and also did lots of practicing with all the lessons! it was great! I got to hear insight from other missionaries on how they teach different parts of the lessons and it really helped! I feel way more comfortable with the lessons now and have some really cool ways to explain things! 

Our investigators are doing well, we have 4 whom are really progressing and could be ready for baptism within the next few weeks! I really want to have a baptism this week during conference weekend but we'll see! Oh also, something really cool! we were teaching an investigator and close to his house there is a literal castle!!! I've known for a while but this time I actually had my camera with me!! Guys it is so cool!! I want to go inside!! 

this week I really saw the blessings that come from fasting and praying with a real intent! We fasted this week in hopes that 2 of our investigators who are progressing the most would go to church with us. Within 3 hours of starting our fast we had them both committed to going to church! What a blessing! Sunday afternoon when we went to pick them up neither one of them could go.. or weren't home. We were both so upset, but when we got to church the other sisters came up to us and told us that 2 of our other investigators had come with some recent converts! Not the way we thought our prayers would be answered but hey, God knows more than me. This was perfect!!

I know that God answers all of our prayers, maybe not the way we think or want but in the way that it is really supposed to happen! I know that He loves us so much that he never leaves us alone, that He is always with us helping us and pushing us along the way. I know this is Christ's church, and no matter how hard it is sometimes I am so privileged to be serving in His place, helping my brothers and sisters maybe even just a little more everyday. So happy to wear His name on my chest every day.

I love you all so much!! 

With love,
Sister Moss 


Então eu ouvi a tradução não era super ótimo para vocês estão em casa! Então vou tentar algo novo. Inglês e português !!! Me deseje sorte!

Mas na semana passada, tivemos uma conferência da Zona! Aprendi muito! Nos concentramos muito em quão importante o livro de mormon é na conversão de nossos pesquisadores e também fizemos muita práticas com todas as lições! foi ótimo! Eu tenho que ouvir a visão de outros missionários sobre como eles ensinam diferentes partes das lições e realmente ajudou! Eu me sinto muito mais confortável com as lições agora e tenho algumas maneiras realmente legais de explicar as coisas! 

Nossos pesquisadores estão indo bem, temos 4 que estão realmente progredindo e podem estar preparados para o batismo nas próximas semanas! Eu realmente quero ter um batismo esta semana durante o fim de semana da conferência, mas vamos ver! Ah também, algo realmente legal! nós estávamos ensinando um investigador e perto de sua casa, há um castelo literal !!! Eu conheci por um tempo, mas desta vez eu realmente tive minha câmera comigo !! Gente é tão legal !! Eu quero entrar! 

Esta semana eu realmente vi as bênçãos que vêm de jejum e reza com uma verdadeira intenção! Nós jejuamos esta semana com a esperança de que 2 de nossos pesquisadores que estão mais progredindo irão à igreja conosco. Dentro de 3 horas de começar nosso jejum, nós dois nos empenhamos em ir à igreja! Que benção! No domingo à tarde, quando fomos buscá-los, nenhum deles poderia ir ... ou não estava em casa. Nós dois estávamos tão chateados, mas quando chegamos à igreja, as outras irmãs vieram até nós e nos disseram que 2 de nossos outros pesquisadores tinham vindo com alguns conversos recentes! Não da maneira que achamos que nossas orações seriam respondidas, mas oi, Deus sabe mais do que eu. Isso foi perfeito !!

Eu sei que Deus responde todas as nossas orações, talvez não da maneira que pensamos ou desejamos, mas do jeito que realmente deveria acontecer! Eu sei que Ele nos ama tanto que ele nunca nos deixa em paz, que Ele está sempre conosco ajudando-nos e empurrando-nos ao longo do caminho. Eu sei que esta é a igreja de Cristo, e não importa o quão difícil às vezes eu sou tão privilegiada para servir no seu lugar, ajudando meus irmãos e irmãs talvez até um pouco mais todos os dias. Tão feliz em usar seu nome no meu peito todos os dias.

Eu amo todos de vocês!!

Com amor,
Sister Moss


Monday, September 18, 2017


Caraca gente!! Eu tenho 6 meses esta semana já! Vocês acreditam isso?? Eu não acredito isso!! É muito louco gente! Mas eu amo meu missão além qualquer palavras!!

Pronto, esta semana foi muito interessante. Primeiro, ainda difícil para ensinar e fechar nossa padrão.. Ninguém quer para ouvir nossa mensagem agora, é muito triste. Mas a gente ainda trabalhando com força para encontrar nossa irmãos que Deus nos-preparou.  Eu sei que eles estão aqui!

Como as semanas passados a gente tem dificuldades para ensinar, mas é ainda melhor esta semana. Tudo vai dar certo, né?! 

Oh, esta semana a gente perdeu nossa telefone, e foi pra a hospital. Historia boa com isso. Então, Sister Mylla teve muito dor de cabeça esta semana todo. E no Quinta-feira a gente foi pra na hospital, para ter certeza de que todo estava bem. Tudo é bem! Que bênção! Mas por causa de que dor de cabeça a gente descanse muito esta semana. Mas quando a gente foi pra a hospital a gente esqueceu nossa telefone no dentro de a uber! Gaaah! E não conseguiu recuperá-lo até hoje!! 4 dias sem telefone!!! A gente quase morreu! 
Kkkk mas todo é bem agora! Gente minha companheira tá muito trunky!! Cara é muito engraçada e mesmo tempo um pouco irritante. Mas eu amo ela, sério mesmo! Ela tá muito feliz, mesmo que ela tá morrendo! Ela me-ajuda muito aprender como ser uma companheira sênior. E também como apreciar cada momento na minha missão!

Eu realmente amo todos as coisas sobre minha missão! Cada momento e cada dificuldade! É importante para apreciar o bom e o mal que acontecem. Realmente essa viagem é maravilhosa! Ainda me surpreende que eu tenha essa maravilhosa oportunidade, para encontrar e ajudar meus irmãos cada dia! Eu amo esse trabalho e sei que esse é trabalho do Senhor! Ele tá no comando!

Amo vocês com todo meu o coração!! Boa semana pra tudo!!

Com carinho e amor,
Sister Moss 
Google Translate's English translation of this weeks email...
Caraca people !! I have 6 months this week already! Do you believe this ?? I do not believe it !! It's very crazy people! But I love my mission beyond words!!
Okay, this week was very interesting. First, still difficult to teach and close our pattern .. No one wants to hear our message now, it is very sad. But we are still working hard to find our brothers and sisters that God has prepared for us. I know they're here!
Like the past few weeks we have trouble teaching, but it's even better this week. Everything will work out, right ?!
Oh, this week we lost our phone, and went to the hospital. Good story with that. So, Sister Mylla had a lot of headaches this whole week. And on Thursday we went to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. All is well! What a bless! But because of that headache, we get plenty of rest this week. But when we went to the hospital we forgot our phone on the inside of uber! Gaaah! And it has not been able to recover it until today !! 4 days without phone !!! We almost died!
Kkkk but all is well now! My fellow people are very trunky !! Dude is very funny and even a bit annoying time. But I really love her! She's very happy, even though she's dying! It helps me a lot to learn how to be a senior companion. And also how to appreciate every moment in my mission!
I really love all things about my mission! Every moment and every difficulty! It is important to appreciate the good and evil that happen. This trip really is wonderful! It still surprises me that I have this wonderful opportunity to find and help my brothers every day! I love this job and I know this is the Lord's work! He's in charge!
I love you with all my heart !! Good week for everything !!
With affection and love,
 Sister Moss

Monday, September 11, 2017

Todo Mundo Me-Deixa á Pastel Louco... Feliz 6 Meses Moss

Bom dia meus amores!!!

Beleza então, esta semana foi muito muito bom!! Primeiramente, a gente começou esta semana normal, reunião do distrito no tercia feira e trabalho normal. Tentando encontrar pessoas em casa para ensinar, encontrar pessoas na rua para fazer contatos e novos. Normal, beleza!  Quarta e Quinta feira eu tive um divisão com Sister Da Rosa! Caraca eu amo ela!! Eu morei com ela minha primeira 3 semanas em Mossoró antes dela foi transferido. Sério mesmo, eu amo ela! 

Essas semanas passados estão muito difícil para encontrar pessoas e ensinar, mas é muito diferente com S. Da Rosa, cara ela fala com literalmente todo mundo! Eu aprendi muito muito com ela! Nunca me senti mais como um missionário do que na semana passada. A gente ensinou muitos pessoas e eu comecei quase todos os lições! Está me preparando para ser um companheiro sênior. Isso é assustador! Eu não tó pronto! Mas de boa! Agora a gente tem muitos novos para ensinar! Eu tó muito animada!

Também no Quinta feira o distrito inteiro foi pra Pastel Louco por causa que eu fiz 6 meses e queria açai! Beleza historia, todos pagamos para sair e fui o último a pagar. Eu me virei e literalmente todos no distrito se foram! Eu terminei de pagar e quando eu me virei, vi Irmã Da Rosa e a Irmã Feitosa correndo de volta gritando "Moss! Moss! Moss!". Gente, todo mundo me esqueceu e me deixou lá !! Feliz 6 meses para mim, né? Cara foi muito engraçada ainda!

Eu decidi que os domingos são o meu dia menos favorito da semana aqui. É doloroso quando nossos investigadores dizem que irão para a igreja e depois não irão. Literalmente, quebra meu coração sempre.

Estou agora estudando no livro de Alma no Livro de Mórmon! super animado por isso. Mas eu realmente adoro ler sobre os filhos da Mosias. e sua paixão por servir e ajudar seus irmãos. Adoro a escritura que fala sobre como eles querem ensinar os lamanitas, porque até mesmo o pensamento de alguns de seus irmãos e irmãs que não recebem esse conhecimento e luz em sua vida é quebrar o coração e fazer com que eles tremam por eles. E é tão verdadeiro, o pensamento de perder alguém aqui é assustador, agora as vidas e a salvação da minha família eterna estão nas minhas mãos. Se eu não falo com todos, ame todos, ensine a todos, alguém pode perder suas chances por causa de mim. É assustador e motivacional. Estes são meus irmãos e irmãs e eu não quero que ninguém seja deixado de receber as bênçãos do evangelho por causa de algo que fiz ou não fiz.

Eu amo muito de vocês!! E eu sei que essa da Igreja de Cristo!

Boa semana pra vocês!!

com carinho,
Sister Moss
Google Translate's English translation of this week's letter... 

Good morning, my loves !!!
Beauty then, this week was very very good !! First, we started this normal week, district meeting on Tuesday and normal work. Trying to find people at home to teach, find people on the street to make contacts and new ones. Normal, beauty! Wednesday and Thursday I had a division with Sister Da Rosa! Caraca, I love her !! I lived with her my first 3 weeks in Mossoro before she was transferred. Really, I love her!
These past weeks are very hard to find people and teach, but it's very different with S. Da Rosa, man she talks to literally everyone! I learned a lot from her! I've never felt more like a missionary than last week. We taught many people and I started almost every lesson! You're preparing me to be a senior fellow. It's scary! I'm not ready! But good! Now we have many new ones to teach! I'm very excited!
Also on Thursday the whole district went to Pastel Mad because I did 6 months and wanted to acai! Beauty story, we all paid to leave and was the last to pay. I turned around and literally everyone in the district was gone! I finished paying and when I turned around, I saw Sister Da Rosa and Sister Feitosa running back screaming "Moss! Moss! Moss!". Guys, everyone forgot me and left me there !! Happy 6 months for me, right? Dude it was really funny yet!
I decided that Sundays are my least favorite day of the week here. It is painful when our investigators say they will go to church and then they will not. Literally, it breaks my heart forever.
I am now studying in the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon! super excited about it. But I really love reading about the children of Mosiah. and his passion for serving and helping his brothers. I love the scripture that talks about how they want to teach the Lamanites because even the thought of some of their brothers and sisters who do not receive this knowledge and light in their lives is to break their hearts and make them tremble for them. And it's so true, the thought of losing someone here is scary, now the lives and the salvation of my eternal family are in my hands. If I do not speak to everyone, love everyone, teach everyone, someone can lose their chances because of me. It's scary and motivational. These are my brothers and sisters and I do not want anyone to be left to receive the blessings of the gospel because of something I did or did not do.
I love you so much !! And I know that of the Church of Christ!
Good week to you !!
Sister Moss

Monday, September 4, 2017

Batismo!! Ou não....

Bom dia meu povo!!!

Então, eu quero tentar de novo em só português, desculpe! Mas boa sorte! 

Primeiramente, Feliz dia do trabalho EU (estadas unidos)!! Espero que todos vocês têm um dia maravilhosa!!!

Esta semana foi um pouco difícil novamente ... Temos dificuldades em encontrar pessoas para ensinar. Ninguém quer falar conosco. É irritante! Mas esta semana foi melhor do que a semana passada. Tivemos um batismo para o sábado, caiu ... observado por Domingo antes da reunião, caiu ... voltou a marcar depois da reunião, caiu... super frustrante. Ela é muito boa, mas ela está realmente assustada de ser batizada e fazer coisas erradas. Entendo, mas essas coisas são normais, ninguém é perfeito. Todos pecamos. Mas, iremos lá esta semana e tentamos ajudá-la a se sentir mais à vontade com essa decisão.

Também, temos dificuldades com nossa recém conversos. Eles não querem ir por igreja, e sempre têm desculpas. E também eu acho que 2 são bebendo novamente. É tá muito triste... Eu não sei como ajudar eles, eu me sento inútil..

Mas eu tó bem! Aprendendo muito aqui. Essa semana eu tentei traduzir minha benção patriarcal, é realmente ajudar a aprender a gramática e coisas assim. E é tá super legal para ver e ler em português.

Mas só isso esta semana.

Oh, também eu presto meu testemunho pra vocês. Gente, eu sei com todo meu o coração que essa é a igreja veredeira e é a igreja de Jesus Cristo. Que Ele sofreu tanto para cada um de nos. E por causa Dele todos temos um oportunidade superar todos de nossas pecados. Sua expiação é infinita em todos os sentidos, amor, profundidade e tempo. Nenhum dos nossos pecados será ignorado ou esquecido. Ele expiou todos eles. Eu amo Ele com todo meu ser. Eu sei que com Cristo podemos superar qualquer coisa. Ele é nossa Salvador, e Ele é sempre conosco.

Amo vocês muito!!

Com amor,
Sister Moss
Here's the Google Translate (English) version...

Baptism!! Or not....

Good morning, my people !!! 

So I want to try again in Portuguese only, sorry! But good luck! 

First, Happy Labor Day US (Stays Together) !! I hope you all have a wonderful day !!! 

This week has been a bit difficult again ... We have a hard time finding people to teach. Nobody wants to talk to us. It's annoying! But this week was better than last week. We had a baptism for Saturday, fell ... watched by Sunday before the meeting, fell ... re-scored after the meeting, fell ... super frustrating. She is very good, but she is really scared of being baptized and doing the wrong things. I understand, but these things are normal, nobody is perfect. We all sin. But we'll go there this week and try to help her feel more comfortable with that decision. 

Also, we have difficulties with our recent converts. They do not want to go to church, and they always have excuses. And I also think 2 are drinking again. It's very sad ... I do not know how to help them, I feel useless .. 

But I'm good! Learning a lot here. This week I tried to translate my patriarchal blessing, it really helps to learn grammar and things like that. And it's really cool to see and read in Portuguese.
But only this week. 

Oh, I too bear my testimony to you. Guys, I know with all my heart that this is the church, and it's the church of Jesus Christ. That He suffered so much for each one of us. And because of Him we all have an opportunity to overcome all of our sins. His atonement is infinite in every way, love, depth, and time. None of our sins will be ignored or forgotten. He atoned for them all. I love Him with all my being. I know that with Christ we can overcome anything. He is our Savior, and He is always with us.
I love you very much!! 

With love,
Sister Moss

Excerpts from other letters home...

~You know, it's funny you mention having to forgive people, we watched a movie yesterday and it spoke about the same thing. I don't feel like I haven't forgiven people. but I will for sure focus on that this week. 

~It's super cool that you guys are studying with the seminary students! I have learned to love the BOM so much already! most the time i don't really understand at first because i read in Portuguese, but it's super cool when I do understand. I'm truly learning the power the Book of Mormon holds. right now I'm studying in Mosias (yes still) I love reading about Alma and his courage to teach even though the King was seeking to take his life. It's inspiring and helps me know that I can teach through any difficulties. 

~So last week wasnt exactly a BBQ, we had American breakfast for lunch. but it was so good!! I love breakfast foods in the states!! we had pancakes, eggs, toast, juice, and fruit. It was soooooo good!!! Had lots of fun with the district!! 

~Church was good yesterday, it's frustrating when we have like 6 people tell us they'll go to church and then don't show. and even more frustrating when we have a baptism planned and she decides to go to the beach instead... (i guess I found the people i need to forgive). But it was really good. our investigators are being cut or cutting us left and right. It's like every week we start over with completely new people. it's like every week we reopen our area.