Monday, July 31, 2017

Zone Conference and Emergency Transfer!

Hey Y'all!!!

So first off, ignore basically everything I told you last week. Monday night we got a call for an emergency transfer and I got transferred. I am no longer in Nova Parnamirim 1 with Sister Nobre :( super super sad that I am not her companion anymore, we had an awesome 2 weeks!! 
But I didn't go far! I am now in Nova Parnamirim 2 with Sister Camilio!!!! Literally I just moved beds in the house haha!! Crazy emergency transfer é?? Haha, but Sister Camilio is amazing. Love her so much, and she helps tons with the language! Que Bênção!!! We have some really good investigators who are progressing a ton!! Oh, and we are planning a wedding!! She was already in the process of planning it! The wedding is on the 18th of this month and they will be baptized that same day!! I am so excited!!! They are progressing so much! And are so strong in the gospel already! 

Oh this week we also had zone conference!! My first one!! haha! It was super sweet! Took lots of notes (which means I understood!!), and we really focused on the importance in extending commitments, following up on them and making sure our investigators are fulfilling them. I've learned mostly that without commitments or goals to progress in the gospel we really don't have the motivation to do so. And a commitment without a follow up is an empty commitment. there was really no point to extending it if you don't follow up. 

I also got to learn a bit more about the importance to each commitment we extend from the SLTs and LZs. Really sweet to hear from them all on all the different commitments. 

Other than that we just did a lot of teaching and contacting this week, you know normal missionary stuff haha! But its going well. I love it here and love my new companion! 

I know with all my heart this is the gospel of Christ, and that He is at the head of it today! That He knows us all personally because He suffered for us all personally. I promise, that if we are ever in need of help, if we just faithfully ask in prayer, we will receive the help we need! I love this gospel, and am beyond honored to be sharing this light with the people of Brazil! 

Love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Com amor,
Sister Moss
Sister Lopez, Sister Moss
Sister Feitosa, Sister Moss

Sister Moss, Sister Prates
Sister Moss, Sister Paes

Sister Lima, Sister Moss
Elder M. Villela, Sister Moss

Sister Nobre, Sister Moss
Sister Nobre, Sister Moss
Sister Oliveira, SisterMoss

Monday, July 24, 2017

It's Raining, It's Pouring!

Hey everyone!! Hope everyone has had an amazing week! Because every week we have is amazing!!

Well, this week we've had a ton of rain, which is great! And annoying all at the same time haha! It's kind of really bi-polar on weather. Makes the days interesting! Buuuut, the work here is progressing slowly but well! We are teaching tons of awesome people!  
Everything is great here!! The work is progressing, we had 2 investigators at church yesterday, which was great but we had like 7 people say they'd go and not actually do it... that's always a bummer, and as we say here "faz parte" which means basically that it happens. My companion is Sister Nobre and she's probably one of the funniest people I've ever met!! Love her so much! She's 19 almost 20, and is a convert of 5 years, the only one in her family. She studied a little before her mission but wants to change her studies after and go into medicine. She's so friendly and talks to basically everyone. People love her! She is helping tons with the language! The whole house is! Oh and yesterday she said a prayer in English!! I've been trying to get them all to pray in English haha. 

I'm about 45 mins from the mission home. I love my district, they're all so great! And take real good care of me. They help so much, and always check up on me. Which is funny because I'm not the newest missionary, but I am the only one who doesn't speak Portuguese fluently yet. Its kind of annoying, but I enjoy learning the language. The members are amazing!!! I feel like this ward is the equivalent to your ward! Super friendly and so willing to help! We have zone conference this week, super excited!! I'll definitely get pictures! 

E: E is a contact that Sister Nobre made last transfer, and we finally got in to see him. He is super receptive to the lessons but has troubles with praying. Which is normal for tons of people, but without prayer the conversion process is kind of at a stand still. And finding answers and comfort in our difficulties is just that much harder. But he is super great! Hopefully he will open up a bit more to the idea of praying to our Father, and really having that desire to converse with Him. 

LH: 19 years old, and the brother of a recent convert. We started teaching him one day when we showed up to check on his sister and she wasn't there. He is super receptive and really excited about the lessons. So excited that when we finished our last lesson with him on Friday he hugged us both as we were leaving. Really funny, Sister Nobre tried to tell him no but he didn't care! 

J e L e familia: J and L are amazing! We made contact with J one day and when we came back to try and teach him he wasn't there and met his daughter taught her and made a date to come back. went back and J wasn't there but his daughter was and his wife L so we went in to talk to them. Needless to say by the end of the week we finally taught the family with J there. We are now teaching J, L, M, N, and 3 of M's kids. and one of their neighbors! Really sweet family, and really open to learning more about the gospel.  

B e M: B e M are brother and sister and really sweet. M went to church with us yesterday, but we have yet to get B to church. Teaching them is great, they help with my speaking when I mess up haha. And are super receptive to the lessons. 

A: A we have only taught once, in the middle of the road Saturday afternoon. But he was super excited for church and told us he'd meet us there, unfortunately he didn't go... super bummed! 

F: F is super hard to get in to see and teach but when we do its always great! We've taught him 2 of the 4 lessons and have asked him to pray about the lessons. He is literally the only one of our investigators who has actually prayed. Woooooo!! But he told us he prayed and received an answer that this is the true church! And yesterday he went to church with us!! MILAGRE!!! 

I: I don't know him super well, he's another contact that sister Nobre made last transfer and I've only seen him once for maybe 15 minutes. But he seems great and really open to the lessons. 

S: And finally we have S, who is a reference from some other sisters. We have been trying to get in to see her since i got here and finally saw her on Saturday! Shes super super sweet and sooo ready for the gospel. She already knows so much, she basically taught the first lesson for us. 

But things are great here! Super busy with the work and the language and stuffs! Yesterday in church we watched a video that I really liked. It was one of the He Lives videos. But instead of saying just "Because He Lives" it said:

Ele está aqui
em todos os momentos
em todos os lugares
Ele está aqui

Eu amo esse. Cristo não só vive, mas ele está aqui! Todos os dias, todos os momentos e em todos os lugares!  Eu sei que esse é 100% verdadeira! Que Cristo é conosco cada dia! Temos um irmão e Salvador que nos- ama muito! Eu sei que ele está sempre lá para nós. E sempre nos ajudará em nossos momentos de necessidade.

Amo vocês com todos de meu o coração,
Sister Moss 

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Whole New World!

Hey everyone!! 

So I hope from the title I got a couple of you singing Aladdin, if not, you probably are now. So your welcome! 

But I'm sure you can guess from the title that I've been transferred. I am no longer in Mossoro with Sister Velasco. I am now in Natal, Nova Parnamirim with Sister Nobre!!! It is waaaay different here! Hence the "a whole new world". This area is waaay more city life than Mossoro. And more of what I imagined my mission like, if you ask me I think I'll spend more time in the city than the interioro. But I love it, and I love Sister Nobre! I've only heard great things about this area and Sister Nobre!! She is soooooo funny!!!! We are having so much fun already. She's Brazilian and is 19 years old and has 10 months on her mission. And is a convert to the church for almost 5 years. 
So far the work is good, we have lots of investigators that we are working with, I think since I've been here I've only seen a couple of people more than one time. But it's really good. 

The language is coming along, the sisters in the house (Sisters Nobre, Camilio, and Oliveira) help out so much! Oh, I'm the only American sister in my district and actually I think my zone too, and one American elder. Elder Torgerson, he was in my first zone in Mossoro and is my ZL now. 

The ward, again, only heard great things. And so far they've proven to be true! I love it here so much already!! 

So this week along with all the changes, I've been studying a bunch of conference talks, and there were 2 that really stuck out to me. 1 Whatsoever He Saith Unto You, Do it -Elder L. Whitney Clayton. In this talk he shares the story of when Jesus turned water into wine. Jesus tells Mary that in order for it to work, the people need to do whatsoever he saith unto them. And it's the same with us, He needs us to show our loyalty and faith in him, and do our part. He doesn't ask us to do things that we are incapable of. He will ALWAYS provide a way for us. and 2 Don't Look Around, Look Up -Elder Yoon Hwan Choi, this one I have been learning a lot this week. For more than just the spiritual part of it. But I'm learning to look up and see the beauty around me and learn more about my area. But also, when we have difficulties and feel like we can't go anymore, we need to look up to the Savior. He is our most perfect example and he knows better than anyone what we are going through. Because he voluntarily suffered our pains for us. He can and will help us in anything we do! 

Guys I know this to be true, that He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows our struggles and difficulties and when we look up and ask for help He will help us! But that we need to show our love and faith in Him, because He won't do everything. We need to do our part, whatever that is. He will ALWAYS provide a way, and will ALWAYS help us!!! 

Com amor,
Sister Moss

Monday, July 10, 2017

End of a Transfer...

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone enjoyed the 4th of July! I know I did! Sister Velasco and I celebrated by singing the National Anthem to the sisters in our house and having a mini BBQ!!! Woohoo!

so I am beyond sad to be ending this transfer, I feel like it just started. I need more time with Sister Velasco, and with training! I'm not ready to not be in training!!! It's basically a 90% chance that I get transferred now that I am done with my training but I will find out for sure tomorrow! 

Buuuut, I couldn't have asked for a better way to end this transfer! Yesterday we had a baptism!!!! Wooooo! Super super good! It was a baptism for F e L (mother and son). It was a real miracle that we had both of them there. During the week we found out that L would be at his dad's house on Sunday and that his dad wasn't going to let him get baptized because the "mormon church is satanic". so we were completely bummed. But still really excited for F. We went to go pick her up for church and she walks around the corner with her 1 year old son J. Super ecstatic!!! and 5 seconds later L popped around the corner!!! Sister Velasco turns to me and we both instantly high five each other and whisper "milagre!!" Uggh super awesome!! 

The baptism was really really good. It was the first baptism at the church since the church has been under construction. Sister Velasco and I spent the 2nd and 3rd hour of church cleaning the font because the workers didn't clean it before they left. But we got it done! It was funny because when F got baptized the water was still too low. so she sat on the ground in the font and basically just lied down in the water! Kind of funny! Never seen it done that way but hey, it works!! 

Other than that not much has really happened, we were really focusing on making sure they were both ready for the baptism and did a lot of contacting this week. I'm getting better at inviting people to be baptized while we are contacting. Its actually kind of fun! 

Anyway, that's basically my week, not super super crazy. But really really good!! 

Eu sei que este igreja é na igreja de Jesus Cristo, e que ele estableceu este igreja aqui na terra. sei que Joseph Smith foi um profeta de Deus e que ele restaurou na igreja aqui para nós em esse últimos dias. sei que o Livro de Mórmon é palavra de Deus e pelo poder de Deus Joseph Smith traduziu este maravilhosa livro. eu sei que Jesus Cristo é meu irmão e Salvador do mundo. Que ele sofrou para cada um de nós. E que nós temos uma oportunidade a viver e crescer mais perto de nossa Salvador e Pai Celestial. Eu sei que este igreja é único caminho para nós a viver com nossa Pai Celestial de novo depois desta vida. Sei que Ele conhece todos nós pessoalmente e nós ama pessoalmente. Eu estou muito feliz para servir meu Senhor e ajudar na obras dele. Eu amo este evangelho e muito grata por meu conhecimento de o plano de Deus em minha vida! Eu amo vocês com todos meu coração! 

Boa semana pra vocês!

Com amor,
Síster Moss

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week full of Milagres and Eleitos!!!

Hey y'all!!!
So this week was actually really good!! I saw so many little miracles this week, it was incredible!
So first off, we are teaching a mother and her son, F e L. They are such eleitos (elect). They are both on date for baptism this Sunday after church, I am so excited for them. F was baptized almost 10 years ago but never got confirmed, and it was actually a miracle that we found her. But that is a different story. It's so fun teaching them. This week we taught them the first lesson, and when we went back to see how praying went and if she thought this was true she explained to us that she knew it was true but couldn't explain how she knew. She knew she had received an answer to her prayer but couldn't explain it. Which is really cool, that's honestly how you know they really received an answer. Most times we expect something super great to happen, when actually it is the small things that mean the most. In the Book of Mormon it says that spirit is a still small voice, but is so powerful. That this still small voice, pierces to the very soul. Ugh how amazing!!! The fact that a simple sincere prayer, and we can receive answers that pierce to the very soul. Milagre #1!
Also, Sister Velasco says my Portuguese is sooo much better. She says I sound more comfortable speaking, which is really good because I don't feel super comfortable speaking yet! I really see the progress this week. Milagre #2!
Oh, yesterday was also another day full of milagres! So generally we struggle a bunch with getting investigators to go to church. Well yesterday we had 7 investigators at church!!! Milagre #3! And even better, two of them that showed up (A e G) I taught once with Sister Udagawa but since they wouldn't  go to church we dropped them as investigators. We visited them one other time before Sister Udagawa got transferred in hopes to get them to come to church but they still wouldn't come. So it was amazing to see them when I walked into sacrament meeting yesterday! Sister Velasco and I will continue teaching them again and hopefully get them on date for baptism soon! Milagre #4!
You guys seeing the progress and light in F e L and all of our other investigators reminds me everyday why I decided to serve a mission! Seeing the light of the gospel help these people change the desires of their hearts and have that real desire to follow Jesus Christ and return home is incredible! I really can't explain it, seeing the gospel bring light and life to those in need is a marvelous sight to see everyday!! 
I know with all of my heart, that this is the true gospel. And that through the Prophet Joseph Smith it was restored to the Earth in these latter-days. I know that this is the only way for us to return home to the Father and His Son after this life. That we were given a perfect plan to return home, and it's actually a quite easy route. The way is narrow and straight, this is the way! I love being a missionary even if sometimes I don't understand people or people don't understand me. I know that the Spirit works miracles and that is the language that I have in common with everyone! I know that when we pray, with real faith, real intent that we WILL always receive an answer. I love this gospel with everything that I am and am so honored to be serving the Lord and assisting in His work here in Brasil! 
Love you all so so much!! Hope you all have an amazing week!
Sister Moss
P.S. Super weird writing my testimony in English haha! That took some serious thought! 


Monday, June 26, 2017

We got the bug!

Oí my peeps!!!

So this week has been really long, we got whatever sickness is going around the entire world. And 2 sisters got sick. so things have been really slow, but still really good! 
Sister Bandeira and Sister Velasco have been sick almost all week. I've tried helping but she doesn't seem to want my help. I don't know what else to do for her. So yesterday I started a special fast for her. Hopefully that helps! But she's amazing! I love teaching along-side her! The language seems to be getting a little easier. I study every day!!! We get home at 9 or 9:30 every night, I shower and study until it's time for bed. I'm really trying to learn more and be more helpful during lessons.

Not a whole lot has happened but what did happen was really sweet. And at the same time really complicated! so we had a baptism set up for this week but it fell through. Which was really tough. She's so ready, but says she doesn't want to be baptized right now because she doesn't want to give up the things of the world. guys, shes 12. what kinds of things of the world could be too hard to give up?? I don't understand, but we pushed the baptism back and are hoping it happens soon. Its really devastating to see people who know without a doubt that this is true turn away from it. But we planted a seed, and she is nourishing it more and more everyday. I hope she realizes the importance of the gospel and the need for baptism before its too late. 

also we got to help with a really cool mutual activity for the YW (young women ages 12-17). we acted as Sister Training Leaders and kind of taught them about missions and how cool they are. I didn't do a whole lot for the activity to teach them because I am the newest missionary, but I got to bear my testimony. It was really cool, I also discovered that most of these girls are already such great missionaries, and I hope most if not all of them decide to serve the Lord. It was really cool! I'll get pictures this week and send them next week! 

lessons are going well, people kind of keep cutting themselves from our list of investigators which sucks. but we keep working. trying to find more people willing and ready to hear our message! 

other than that though not much has really happened!! 

eu sei que este igreja é única caminho para nós a retorner e viver com Deus depois desta vida. sei que o livro de mórmon e palavra de Deus, e que um rapaz traduziu este livro pelo poder de Deus. sei que o dom de linquas é real. com todos meu coracão, sei que Deus ama todo mundo e querer que nós tentamos cada dia por melhor nossa vidas. sei que JesusCristo é meu salvador e redentor. que ele sofreu por cada onde nós! e que ele vive! Eu amo Jesus Cristo e estou muito honorado estar representante dele. Eu amo vocês muito muito!!

Tchau família! 
Com todos meu amor,
Síster Moss!
Questions and Answers
Does anything cool happen when you girls are walking? No not really, haha! sometimes there are street performers which is pretty cool. 
How far do you walk in a day (approx)? I'm not sure, maybe a good 8-12 miles a day, depending on the day. 
What is the walking like? Is it "city" walking, where there's constantly someone to try to talk to or is it like "country" walking where you have a lot of open space? It's kind of a bit of both. again depends on the day. sometimes there's soo many people that we can't talk to everyone, or theres literally no one. 
Do you play games to pass the time or do you talk the whole way? Honestly we barely talk.  
Did you have a baptism last week? No baptism this week, she told us that she didnt want to be baptized anymore. which sucks because she continues to go to YW activities, reads and studies the BOM and loves church. 
Are you still doing baptisms in Brad's pool? Haha yes, they are still fixing the baptismal font at the church. hopefully they finish soon. 
Did you get the second package we sent? no not yet. hopefully today.  
Do you exercise every day or is your walking what you use for exercise? I exercise every once in a while but generally walking is our exercise. 
What are you studying right now? Right now I am studying in 2 Nephi, which is really hard in Portuguese because a lot of it is compared to Isaiah. but I'm slowly getting through it. oh and also this week I've been studying a lot on the Atonement. what an amazing gift that is!! 
When are transfers? Transfers are in 2 weeks I think. Maybe 3 haha. Everybody says there is a 90% chance of me getting transfered. Really sad about that.. 
How often do you see Elder Alves? I see Elder Alves maybe once a week, twice if there's like a devotional or something. I saw him last night and will see him again today! Love Elder Alves, he's such a sweetheart and so fun!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Heavenly Father knows our needs before we do!

Hey everyone!!! Hope all is well for everyone. Happy Father's day to all the Dads out there!! To my dad, uncles, grandpas, cousins and brother; Super special Happy Fathers Day to all of you. I'm so grateful for all of you in my life and for the influence you all have had on my life. I love you all more than you know and miss you tons!!! Thank you for always showing me how to love and serve others and for always being such amazing examples of true Christ-like love! Hope you all had an amazing Father's Day!! *Virtual hug for all of you*

Okay, so this week has been real difficult for me. Lately I've been feeling like I'm kind of at a stand still in the language and some days that I'm going backwards in progress. I've also really been struggling with thoughts of doubt and failure on my part.. It's been really hard. All of our lessons have been falling through and people turning away from the gospel, and for a while I couldn't help but think that it was because of me. I've been focused more on myself rather than my investigators and their needs. 

Then on Friday we had a 1 day division. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Sister Hansen again!! Man, she's literally my lifesaver and angel here. Before the division I hadn't really thought much about the feelings I was having and the struggles I was having, but after talking with Sister Hansen, I know that these feelings are not of God. That these are feelings of the devil, and he's trying to stop me from doing what I have been called here to do. (Sister Hansen always knows what to say to me). So glad that she is so in tune with the spirit and follows its promptings, she helps me more than she will ever know!!! I didn't even know I needed to have this talk with her, but I am so glad that Heavenly Father knows me better than I do and knows exactly what I need. 

On the upside, we have a baptism this week as long as everything works out! Her name is E and she's 12. She's so worried that she isn't ready for baptism, and that she has too much to repent of to be baptized.. We're really working to assure her that as long as she is working and striving every day to better herself and her life, and if she truly has that desire to follow the Savior that He has promised us forgiveness for literally everything. What a wonderful gift!! To know that whatever we do, if only we repent, and strive to be better and have that mighty change of heart in our lives we can and will be forgiven for anything and everything. 

Oh and again with the subject, Heavenly Father knows our needs before we do. I had a tough week and received an angel. And then yesterday after church, I was really discouraged about my language again and needed some guidance. I opened my scriptures to a random page and read this in Alma 29--

9 I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

10 And behold, when I see many of my brethren truly penitent, and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy; then do I remember what the Lord has done for me, yea, even that he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do I remember his merciful arm which he extended towards me.

It really hit me. I have been too focused on myself and my struggles rather than the needs of my investigators, and that is why I've been feeling so down on myself. I know that this mission is not about me, I have been called here by the Savior himself, to serve and love these people as He does. Not to focus on myself. I know that I shouldn't be focused on myself, and that I need to trust in the Lord in everything. The glory is not mine so I shouldn't care how good my Portuguese, I need to focus on the needs of my investigators and love them with everything that I am. I know with all my heart that this is my calling of the Lord, to assist in bringing even just one soul home. That my difficulties and burdens will be lightened if I put all my trust in the Lord and do my very very best to fulfill his work. 
I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and that we can receive answers from this marvelous book if we just seek them and study the teachings and doctrines of the Savior. I'm so blessed to here and serve as a servant of the Lord, I promise all of you (so you can all hold me accountable), that I will do better to focus on the purpose of my calling rather than myself. I know this is the restored gospel of Christ, and that this is the only way for us to return home to our Father in Heaven again after this life. I love this gospel with everything that I am, and will defend my faith every single day!!! 

I love you all so much and so grateful for my chance to serve the beautiful of Brazil! Wish you all a fanflippingtastic week!!!

Sister Moss
Questions and Answers 

How was your week? My week has been really rough.. literally every lesson I was supposed to be apart of fell through. 

How is the work going? It's alright, a little slow right now. 

Do you have any baptisms scheduled? We have one baptism set up for this Sunday after church if everything works out. Her name is E and she's 12. She's so concerned that she's not prepared for baptism. We have one lesson left to teach her and I hope that she'll start to feel ready for this next step. We're teaching her mom too, but can't be baptized because she's not married but lives with her boyfriend. Which is very common here. No one sees the importance of marriage. It makes baptizing couples much more difficult. 

How's the teaching? Teaching is good. I don't really talk much. I probably teach one part of each lesson and bear my testimony at the end. Kind of frustrating.. 

How's your Portuguese coming along? I don't feel like I'm progressing but people say I get better everyday, I feel like understanding is getting worse but I guess I don't really know. It's been really tough lately momma. 

Have you taught any more English classes? Nope, just the one. 

How's your companion? My companion is amazing! I love her so much. The spirit is so strong when she teaches and testifies. She's such an amazing missionary, I feel very blessed to be working with her. 

When are transfers? Transfers are on July 4 I think or around that.

How was church? Church was good from what I could understand, which was not a whole lot. Yesterday was really tough on understanding. 

What cool things did you do last week? I went on another division with Sister Hansen, have I told you how much I love her?? Because I really do, she's my angel here. No joke. She knows exactly what I need to hear even if I don't know I need it. Again, all the lessons we had in  place for the division fell through but it was nice to get to talk to her and get to know her a little bit more.